Monday, December 14, 2009

If I Knew Then What I Know Now...

...I probably wouldn't do anything different. Would you?

I still can't believe that I have fallen victim to being the owner of a puppy. I have frequent reality checks. So it begs the question, would I take it all back? Good question. I really do quite like her. I can't admit that without taking some serious flack. But, I do.

Here are some interesting things that I have learned about our puppy:

When I start hollering at Chase, Pepper takes it, too. She slinks off to a kitchen mat and puts her head down. Pretty efficient use of my time, I think. Two birds with one stone.

She gets to stay up super late with me, 'cause she doesn't talk...or ask for things.

Collars make good handle bars.

She is very loyal and loves you, no matter what. That's a pretty good deal. We often have to dish her a whole lot of "what".

When she wants in, she sings a staccato S.O.S at the back door. She is a little bit of a sissified tweety bird.

She has the same hearing as a six-year old. She feigns challenged hearing, when in her favor. When I rustle plastic, it wakes the "dead".

The term "puppy dog eyes" is not a misnomer.

The phrase "a boy and his dog", has new meaning for me.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, and she snuggles on you and falls asleep, all of the "are you kidding me" moments fade away and you are pretty happy.

So, I guess this officially makes me one of "those". What can I say. If you really knew Pepper, I think you'd even like her, too. You might even forgive her for eating your garden shoe. She might even have you doing things that you swore you would never do. No, I am not talking about letting your dog lick off your ice cream cone. I will sell the dog and wash my mouth out with soap if I ever stoop to that. No, I am not one of "those". I am taking about posting pictures of her on my blog. I figure I have already incriminated myself by dedicating a whole post on her, I might as well post the evidence. At least I am not carrying any pictures of her in my purse. Heaven help me if I become one of "those".
Chase really loves his puppy. He is very protective of her. He has even forgiven her for accidently scratching his nostil when she accidently got her claw stuck up it. Chase gave her a little Rudolph toy. She has fallen in love with it.
Well, we sure like you, Pepper. At least for now, you are in good standing with your people.


Kathy said...

Excuse me for laughing, but it sounds like she has really moved in! I am so happy for your family that you have a puppy that you can love! Chase does need that dog! Wahoo, for you! I can guarantee you that I will love her, too, Clark is a shoe in and the jury is out until your dad meets her.

Birgitta said...

She is a good puppy - Noah kept saying her name for a couple of days after we got home.

Jessica said...

Such a cute puppy, I am not a fan of this indoor dog thing, but Nate is sure begging for his own dog for his birthday. We will see how that goes. But what cute pictures of Chase and his puppy! Perfect fit for you family.

Anonymous said...

Pepper is so cute... Can I have him? ;)

Heather said...

I know! I can't believe you're one of "those" either!!! And us too with our kitty. I have been thinking about doing the same kind of post about her.. right now she's asleep under our Christmas tree.. it's so pathetic :)

Pepper is very cute, and I just can NOT believe she sleeps on your couch!!! I believe this is me giving you flack :)

I'm glad you love her and that Chase has her to be his best buddy. That is so cute, and fun for him!