Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Morning Exercise Routine

There are a lot of mysteries left unsolved everyday.

My mom just blogged about one of her's.

I have just solved one at our house. In fact, I have solved two. I will let you in on the other one in another post.

You should be very excited. It is amazing.

This video puts to rest one little mystery that had me mystified.

I could never understand why every morning, when I would go down to use the computer, the ottomans were all dishelved. When I would leave the computer, I would straighten them, only to come down and find them all over the place again the next morning.

Now, solving this mystery was not important to the salvation of mankind or anything close unto it. It was just a silly little routine I went through every morning with a little question mark hanging over my head.

All it took was one morning of spending time with my little man, instead of the computer.

Mystery solved.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Father's Day


Father's Day wasn't last week for you guys?

Not for us, either. I am just waaaaaay behind in my blogging/journaling.

I just wanted to share with you my proof that I am the most creative copycat around. And, not such a bad wife, either, I suppose.

The boy's card to his daddy.

"grilled" cupcakes from Family Fun.

So, here's to all you creative cats that lend such support to us copycats.

We sure do appreciate it.


And here is a shout out to my son's dad, and my dad. Even though all the mushy stuff was said over two months ago, and neither one of you will probably ever read this post, I still think you guys are pretty great. These last two months would have been unbearable without you both.

Happy Father's Day!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When I Grow Up...

I want to be a six year old.


If you want an amazingly humorous and insightful outlook on life, really listen to a person that is six. They have life figured out. They are not trying to impress anyone. They just say it like it is.

Here are a few philosophies I have had the privilege of learning while observing the brilliantly adorable boy of six years who resides in my home;


(after inquiring about why people have heart attacks)

"Well, I WAS planning on growing up and eating lots and lots of candy bars. But now? No Way!!"


(after wiping his tears while dealing with a bedtime tummy ache)

"Well, I would much rather have a stomach ache than be dead."


(after scrunching his nose at the sight of mom's soup that looked less than appetizing to a kid with an upset tummy)

"I'm pretty sure that this stuff is not on the menu for sickies."


(after his mommy punched his daddy while spotting a slug bug, mommy turned around punched the six year old. The six year old asks why mommy felt it was fair to punch two people with one bug. Mommy confesses she didn't want her bub in the back seat to feel left out.)

"It's okay, Mom. I want to be left out."


(after being reminded to pay 20 cents tithing on the two dollars he has just earned)

"Uh, I don't even have 20 cents. I don't have any cents at all."

Okay...so that last one is not funny IN context. But, it sure is funny to hear someone say that they have no "sense".

Or at least I thought so.

If you want to have a good day today, act like a six-year old.

Come on.

I dare ya!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

A few weeks ago, I surfed onto the Oprah show at about 1 AM. Obviously, I was suffering from an unfortunate bout with insomnia. Not because I have to be tired out of my mind to be coerced into watching Oprah, but more for the fact that the pickin's start slimming after 12 AM.

I took pause from my mindless channel surfing long enough to listen to a very interesting author give an audience member some very interesting advice. Oprah's audience member wanted to know why she always wanted to overeat. The golden question of the century, I would think.

This author reminded the inquirer that she needed to listen to her body. What is her body trying to say if she were to listen? Is she full? Does she really want to eat another helping, or is she satisfied? Does she like how she feels right this very second, or does she want to risk feeling like crap after stuffing one more helping down the hatch? Is she really hungry, or just bored?

Very interesting questions, I thought to my temporarily interested self. If I were to listen carefully, what would I be hearing my body say?

So, as I sleepily began my day "later" that morning, I cranked up the hearing aids and began "listening" to my bod.

My body told me to eat a bag of chocolate chips, after it told me I was too tired to exercise.

Dang. I have a very bossy body.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Nerve

Holy Crap!

The near-daily blogger has taken a little time off, I see. You all have some nerve continuing to exist out there in the blog-o-sphere while I took a mini vacation from my creativity. Sheesh.

Today begins the first day of the rest of my life.

Whatever that means.

But seriously, I woke up this morning with a resolve to get back into my "swing" of things.

Again. Whatever that means.

I got my wood floor mopped today. If you have ever been in my house, you know I shot for the moon. There a lot of wood floor. And as far as I am concerned, I win. Add actually sitting to "pen" a quick blog and read about your summer, I TOTALLY win. Factor in the fact that I haven't showered, then I digress.

Let's just focus on the positive.