Friday, October 31, 2008

Color Me Orange

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a picture of Chase in his costume. This is my once a year attempt at being Holly once a year dusting off of the sewing machine. Thank goodness it is only once a year! It pushes my abilities and talents to the limits! This costume was Chase's idea, of course. As soon as we came in from trick or treating last year as a homemade red twinpop popcicle, Chase announced that he wanted to be a crayon for next year. I have been planning how to do it ever since. The original plan for Chase to be yellow. However, on a visit to Moses Lake, Chase and Grandma brought home orange traffic cones from the dollar store. The idea light bulb went off over my head, and the orange crayon costume was born. Go, Grandma!! Chase is very clever when it comes to costumes. I am really afraid for his next idea! I think I may need to learn to sew...for real!
We had a blast trick or treating tonight. The weather was unbelievable! After 2 and a half hours, we called Daddy (who was home passing out candy) and he came to pick us up on the 4-wheeler. Jeff really knows how to play, eh?
Chase in our leaf pile before trick or treating

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More on the Mission Front

We have been really proud of Chase and his comprehension of sharing all things gospel, being a good missionary. He planned a fun FHE on Monday, inviting our non-members friends across the street. The Demlers, Cameron and Chavonne, and three kids, Chloe, Caleigh and Casey, were very fun to host. We carved pumpkins, ate orange popcorn balls and drank Swamp Juice (thanks My Girls Kitchen for the recipe!) And to note, to carve pumpkins with Jeff in his garage/woodshop means carving with power tools! Thanks for a fun night, Demler Family!Here are some pictures:
Chase and buddy Casey

Everyone hard at work, seriously...look at their faces!

Popcorn balls and Swamp Juice

Chloe with a saw, Cameron and Caleigh with a drill. Go Jeff!

Pumpkin Heads, modeling their work!

Monday, October 27, 2008

An Amazing Look Into the Future

You ever wish that you could look into a crystal ball? That is how I feel when I look at this picture. Chase was asked to play the part of a missionary in sharing time yesterday. The lesson was on serving others. There was a policeman, a doctor, a teacher, an army officer, a mom, and then Chase, a missionary. He took the honor very seriously and was incredibly adorable in front of the primary. The fun thing about Sunday was that it was also the Primary program in Sacrament meeting. He looked fabulous in the suit coat while speaking his part. His heart didn't even freak out! And you can definitely tell that he is my boy...he sings with great gusto, loud enough to be heard over all of the other kids. Hmmm. Cute for now, right? Many of our ward members had great things to say about him.

They say to think it the way you want it (yeah, I know...who's they?!). For now, we will hang this picture up in his room, next to his missionary savings jar, as a reference for this great goal to become a great missionary!

PS If you get a chance to set this picture a little more closely, you will notice that the name tag says "Hermana Perrins". We couldn't find one of Jeff's old tags!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Heart Says, "I Love You"

Chase had his Primary program practice this morning. When I went to pick him up, I asked him how it went. He told me they practiced their songs and he practiced his part in the microphone. As he continued to explain his excitement over speaking into the microphone in the chapel (every kids dream!) he began to giggle as he said,

"My heart was totally freaked out!"

Chase uses his heart to explain a lot of his emotions. He will say things like,

"My heart tells me that I need to stay up a little later tonight." or

"My heart tells me that it wants to watch a movie with lunch today." or

"My heart felt shy today, but I didn't."

Well Chase, cutie, my heart is telling me "I Love You!"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, I am jumping in the pool. I figure I will give in to peer pressure and get my own blog. I figure I have so much to say all the time that I better get my own space to blab in, and then not feel so guilty about spending so much time talking about me and my family. I will make it all about us! Good justification, right? Well, we will see how it goes. Or as my family so eloquently says, I will run it up that flag pole and see if anyone salutes.