Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Little Less Gross

Wow. If I didn't post for any other reason, it would be having a picture better to stare at than a big hair ball on the floor.

Sorry, folks.

For the last day of school, I got to bring homemade (I know...GASP!) treats to school to share with Chase's class. I found these ADORABLE cookies on

Uh, CUH-YOOT!! Of course, they were slightly more adorable on line. But, only SLIGHTLY.

Oysters with raisin pearls. Not my favorite, just cute-ish, I guess.

These? Oh, yeah. THESE were my favorite! With every pair of flip-fl0ps, I cooed and gushed. They just kept getting cuter and cuter.

The "beach towel" and brown sugar sand finished out the look.

They were a big say the least.