Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Whole New Concept

Yesterday was a mighty windy day here. I reeled Chase in a little earlier than usual, dressed us warm jammies, popped some corn, snuggled under a quilt, and watched a kid's flick .

When the popcorn bowl hit half empty, Chase took his hand out of the bowl and announced he was done. Feeling a little full myself, I said that yeah, sure, I was done, too.

As we continued watching and enjoying the movie, my hand instinctively found it's way back into the popcorn bowl, which then found it's way to my mouth. My hand continued doing this, until the bowl was gone. Chase's hand never flinched. His eyes, however, kept doing double takes as I shoveled the popcorn into my face.

I have to say, I was literally in awe of him. Seriously.

He said he was done. He meant it. He was done. He was full. He was satisfied. He said, no more, and he meant, no more. He didn't want or need another kernel of buttery, salty, oh, so fabulous popcorn. So, he didn't eat one more kernel of buttery, salty, oh, so fabulous popcorn.


That concept is totally wasted on me.

What do you mean? Stop eating when you are done? Uh, you don't keep eating just 'cuz it tastes good? You don't go for broke 'cuz you just can't get enough of whatever you have chosen as you next victim?

So, what you are saying, then, is that when you are full, you should stop eating whatever it is that you are eating? Full means done? Done. As more dipping back into the bowl? No more bites. No more tastes?


Now, why didn't I think of that?

Well, all I can say it that my little six year old has it figured out. Maybe...there is some hope for me, too?


Leslie said...

That is one concept I don't think I will ever figure out!!

Birgitta said...

We have all become social eaters. Nobody eats to live. Children do!

My question is how do you keep your children who have it figured out now to not loose it later?

Kimberly said...

Such a hard habit to break. If it were about hunger it wouldn't be a fight for me. It's about boredom. rawr!

Heather said...

Well.. look at it this way, you have a bigger stomach than he does (that is not a fat joke.. that is just a fact)

So really what you mean was that you spoke too soon :) It's a common mistake, I do it often too!! ha ha!