Friday, April 23, 2010

"A", I'm Adorable, "B", I'm So Beautiful...

Chase took great care in getting ready for church on Sunday. He paid careful attention to every little detail.

When he came out for the unveiling, he got quite reception from his ma and pa. After listening to his mother's gushing on and on about how amazing he looked, Chase felt compelled to concur. In all seriousness, he exclaimed,

" I know! I am ADORABLE!"

Oh, how I love my boy's self-confidence.

I asked this ADORABLE boy to come and snuggle with me the other day. These are the feet that he so casually plunked on my lap:

Boy: (noun) a noise with dirt


Jessica said...

EWWW! My kids are learning the fine art of washing their feet in the sink before letting me see them, and forcing them into the bath tub!

Kristi said...

Dirty feet are the signature of a busy, happy boy. I don't especially love dirty feet, but I will miss the days where my boys are little enough to plop them on my lap blissfully unaware of how dirty they are and 100% certain that I love them dirt and all.

Birgitta said...

I thought those were your feet! ;)

Kathy said...

"It takes a lot of dirt to grow a boy"!