Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well, I am getting caught up, finally!

How fabulous was it to have Easter and Conference at the same time?! We really enjoyed our weekend. Chase has been listening to all four sessions with me since he was born. We do such special things for Conference, which aid GREATLY to his excitement and ability to endure 8 hours of sitting still and listening.

For the last couple of years, we have been doing the activity packs that start to circulate around conference time. They are wonderful. They are engaging, age appropriate, and help them understand what Conference is all about.

This year, I added a Conference Survival Kit. Chase woke up Saturday morning to a box filled with healthy snacks, treats, water bottles, crayons, scissors, etc. He was armed with everything that he would need to sit quietly for each session. Needless to say, he LOVED it.

We had our own egg hunt in our own home for this Easter. Chase was given clues to find the eggs, which he had to read by himself. He has turned into quite the reader!

Yes, I know. Those are some big eggs.

In the spirit of slowly converting to loving all things homemade, I decided to try the vinegar and food coloring method for dying Easter eggs. Wow...uh, it works! I am especially loving Chase's egg with the reinforcement tab eyes.

I am really loving being able to celebrate these moments and occasions with Chasers. He gets so excited about traditions, holidays, and seasons. He takes such pride in learning and asking questions. He was able to express his feelings about Easter and the Savior to me this year. His sweet understanding of the Savior's importance to him is such a payday for me.

There was just one thing I guess I wasn't completely understanding. I was just wondering why he felt the need to have half of a plastic egg on his head for the entire first session of Conference on Easter Sunday. Oh, well. It didn't seem to affect his hearing.

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter this year!


Kimberly said...

What a great day. Where do you find such giant eggs. That is awesome. I love the worksheet/activities he worked on. Once again, another clever stroke by Mommykins.

Kathy said...

You are so smart to start young. I love conference and this year, it was especially great being Easter Sunday as well.


I am inspired!!! Maybe I will try that with Nicole next year?!? You are such a good mother...it is fun to observe how creative you are!!!

Birgitta said...

I need those giant eggs! Where in the world?

Jessica said...

That is such a cute idea, you are seriously the most creative mom I know!

Woodstock Family said...

Okay, Danielle, could you please send me over some of your creative/awesome momness! I am in dire need of it right now. And where in the world did you find those HUGE eggs? I really need to know! So glad you're getting caught up on blogging, we've missed you in the blogging world!

Danielle said...

Those ginormous eggs were on a fabulous 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby. It was a set of three nesting eggs. They WERE pretty fabulous. We actually used the big one for his Easter basket.

Krista...uh...excuse me? Anyone would be aspiring to greatness to even attempt to be as fabulously creative as you are as a mom! Seriously!