Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Shattering

When your kindergarten son celebrates Earth Day at school, it becomes more than likely that you will want to end up celebrating Earth Day at home. Right?

So, insert Clever and Creativly Talented Mom here _________


I started with the BEST of INTENTIONS. But things just didn't quite come out the way they were supposed to come out. What started out as a good idea as seen on one of my crafty blog links (seriously, I gotta start writing them down! I can't ever remember where the ideas come from!!), ended up testing my ability to TRULY be creative. The tutorial said,

"Cake mix, divide, add colors, round pan, mix and match, voila...Earth Day Cake.

Sounded sooooo simple. But noooooooooo. This is what we got instead:

First attempt:

Second attempt

Second attempt, with hard crust removed

Consolation prize?

A few globe-like-ish replica cupcakes.

So, for Earth Day this year, my kindergartner enjoyed two cake mixes worth of blue and green baked goods...AND the NEW chore of taking out ALL of the recycling. Whoot Whoo!

Okay. I'm waiting. For my Mother of the Year Award.

Just let me know when you're ready to present.


Jeremy said...

Presenting....Danielle for the Mother of the Year award!

IF, and that's a big if, I was going to attempt at all, I would have only attempted once!

Jeremy said...

.......birgitta of course.

Kathy said...

Is it politically correct to bake two cakes?

Jessica said...

You totally deserve the award! You outshine us all!!

Danielle said...

You people are so funny! I was trying to show you all of the reasons why I DIDN'T deserve the award! ;)