Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Speak Up, Sonny

I really think I have a hearing problem.
I find myself cocking my head to one side when I am really trying to hear something.  I have to turn the TV up to an obnoxious level to not miss a word.  But most sadly, I cannot hear my 8 year old.
His voice is at frequency level I just cannot pick up.  If there even is such a thing.  That child talks, and I hear
"whawha  wha whawhawha whawha"
So sad.
"Mom, can I have a cookie?"
I hear,  "Mom, please dance with the Wookie"
"I can't find my shoe"
I hear, " You're standing in goo"
You get the idea.
I finally had to explain to my favorite son, if you want me to hear you, you gotta come and talk right to my face. 
He suggested I go get my hearing checked.
That night, we were downstairs watching our weekend's worth of college football games when Jeff ran upstairs to refill his water cup.  I turned and hollered past Chase, asking Jeff since he was upstairs, would he grab me a drink, please.
Chase, dramatically rubbed his ear, and said, seriously,
"Well, at least you have no problem talking."
Thanks for your heart-felt concern, Bub. 


cassie said...

ha ha! Love it! I think we all have those moments of what did you say?

sourabh gupta said...
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sourabh gupta said...
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