Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

Okay. This is my last bit of journal catch up for 2010.


Our sweet friends, the Rawsons, treated us to a trip to Salt Lake on the Front Runner, a ride to dinner on Trax, and another Trax ride to Temple Square to see the lights. What a fun night! I have lived in Utah since 1993 and this is only the second time I have ever been to see the lights on Temple Square.

Yes. I live under a rock.

We had a really great time (thank you sooo much, Rawson family!) We brought along my neice and nephew, Kaylee and Riley. Trax and the Front Runner were a super big hit.

For Christmas, we begged my sister and brother-in-law to come with their two babies. This was a huge thing to ask them since this was the babies first Christmas. They were so fabulous to oblige us. The babies seemed to have an agenda all their own, however. They both brought a stomach bug with them. If nothing else, it slowed down the pace of Christmas morning.

A very excited seven year-old had to wait for three sleep deprived adults to drag their carcases out of bed before he was allowed in to see what Santa had brought him. Once the present opening finally commenced, we would do one round of presents, then have to stop to put one baby to bed, get one baby out of bed, clean up sprinkler vomit, etc. Good times.


We were so excited to share Christmas with them. Who wouldn't be? Are they not just the cutest? I mean, really. The worst part of all of it was when Kirk and Heather announced to us that they had to pull the plug on our fun and took their sick babies home. We were NOT ready for them to go.

We had an amazing Christmas, to say the least. There was such a peaceful feeling in our home. We were so blessed by so many miracles. We have such an amazing family that loves us and takes such good care of us. We have the most amazing friends and ward family that leave us in complete awe. We are truly some of the most lucky people on earth.

Thank you for truly amazing Christmas!


Kathy said...

So glad it was fun and fun and fun and peaceful!